Building strong ​foundations

to unlock learning

About Aspire Literacy

Our purpose...

To provide high-quality, ​evidence-based, personalised ​intervention that builds a ​strong foundation of literacy ​to unlock a world of learning.

Who we are...

Aspire Literacy is a small business ​owned and run by Rachelle Martin. It is ​located in the JAGA Offices in ​Kingston, Canberra.

Rachelle created Aspire Literacy to be ​a calm, engaging, positive environment ​to support the many children who need ​extra assistance with literacy learning. ​Children who attend Aspire Literacy ​are given the opportunity to learn in a ​quiet office space with many resources ​to make learning fun.

What we do...

We offer intensive one-on-one sessions ​to primary-aged students who need ​support with reading, writing and spelling. ​The sessions are run by Rachelle, who is ​an experienced, qualified teacher. Aspire ​Literacy uses an evidence-based ​linguistic phonics program. A structured, ​systematic and multi-sensory approach ​has proven to be successful in the ​teaching of essential literacy skills.

Our Teacher...

Rachelle Martin

Rachelle completed her Bachelor of Education (Primary) ​degree in 2004. During her teaching career, Rachelle has ​taught in international schools in Singapore and the UK as ​well as in the independent and government school ​systems in Canberra. Rachelle prides herself on being ​patient, kind and caring. As a teacher, and the mother of ​four children, Rachelle understands the impact that strong ​foundations of literacy can have on self-esteem as well as ​academic achievement. Rachelle feels fulfilled fostering in ​students the skills to achieve personal and academic ​goals. Her vision is to have every Aspire Literacy student ​grow in confidence and achieve success at school.

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What we offer...

Personalised Program

  • The personalised program is delivered in a one-on-one setting.
  • This program is suitable for all primary-school aged children.
  • We undertake a thorough assessment to identify what your child ​can do and in which areas they need to develop.
  • We create a personalised learning plan that incorporates specific ​experiences designed to address your child’s needs.
  • We provide ongoing feedback regarding your child’s progress ​throughout the program.


Personalised ​Program

1 student

1 session

50 minutes

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$120 per session

Frequently asked questions

Why is my child having difficulty with literacy?

There are many reasons why children have difficulty with ​literacy. They may:

  • have ​missed the teaching of basic literacy foundations, w​hich was very common during Covid lockdowns.
  • find ​concentrating in a busy classroom difficult
  • need to be t​aught in a more structured and systematic way than the​y have previously been taught
  • have a diagnosis that im​pacts their ability to learn.

What is an intervention program?

An intervention is a short term program aimed at finding out the exact areas with which a person is having difficulty. Once these areas are identified, a plan is put in place to target these areas. The intervention program is then no longer needed.

How long will mY child need to

attend Aspire Literacy?

Academic progress should be able to be seen after ​attending two consecutive terms at Aspire Literacy.

How many sessions per week

should my child attend?

Students attend one session per week at Aspire Literacy.

What happens if my child refuses to attend or par​ticipate in s​essions?

For the intervention to be effective, students must be ​ready to engage in the Aspire Literacy sessions. The ​teacher may recommend that you wait until the child is ​older and more able to better focus and engage in the​ir learnin​g.

Do the sessions help children

who have Dyslexia or ADHD?

Aspire Literacy uses a structured, systematic and multi-sensory approach to the teaching of literacy skills. Our approach is supported by research evidence as being effective for students who have dyslexia and ADHD.

Will my child receive homework?

Aspire Literacy will provide suggested activities for parents ​to complete with their child between sessions. Children are ​able to borrow a book from Aspire Literacy to use to ​complete activities - although families can use any book to ​complete these tasks. It is also important for families to ​read with their child regularly. Literacy skill progression ​occurs more quickly when new knowledge is practised and ​revised often.

Are the teachers at Aspire Literacy Able to diagnose my child?

No, our teacher is not able to medically diagnose your ​child. As an experienced teacher, Rachelle will be able to ​let you know if she believes it may be beneficial for you to​ investigate further with a relevant professional.​

Wh​at is the payment process?

When a session, day and time has been agreed upon, ​Aspire Literacy will send an invoice to you to make ​payment for the term. This invoice must be paid in full ​within 14 days of receiving the invoice.

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15 Tench St Kingston

ACT 2604


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ABN 59251473516

Aspire Literacy wishes to acknowledge the Ngunnawal people as traditional custodians of the land on which we meet to learn. We would also like to acknowledge other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and pay respect to the contribution they make to this region.